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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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most of timeno pets. can't work that way, no. sweetie mom, stop screaming at me! lean on your brakes mom! there are bumps along the road of life... and for each one there's triple-a. stop! i wouldn't consider myself missing especially if my sister who who i was. >> you're listening to an 18-year-old who was once part of the missing dc girls, that is until this morning. no doubt you've heard a lot about missing girls of color in the district recently. this specific teen said she was never missing in the first place and her social worker who where she was the entire time. was this a miscommunication? wusa 9 spoke with the young woman and breaks down what en
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around the country, a critical missing person as missing girls in dc made headlines along with a new effort to bring them home. weaver e-mailed us this morning saying she wasn't missing. and she was stunned to see her picture on the news. >> i was shocked. i was surprised. i was like, how? i'm not missing. >> reporter: metropolitan police tweeted this morning, quote, great news. critical missing vanesha weaver has been located in good health. she told us she wasn't off the grid. she was staying with her dad and staying in touch with her social worker. >> just kept telling her i'm not missing. we talk every day. >> you talk every day? so you were talking through text or through? >> text, e-mail, on the phone. every day. >> reporter: we asked for proof and here are text messages going back for a month. vanesha says they're all to her social worker. >> you're talking with her. she's checking in with you -- >> every day. >> while you were
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text messages can be difficult to verify. the recipient shown on the top of the screen is social worker tameka. we called the number associated with the text. >> hello, tameka. this is one of the reporters with wusa 9. >> reporter: since news of 38 total open missing persons cases is capturing national attention, we asked what could have happened here. the likely reason for confusion, vanesha signed up to live with a new group home. she moved with her dad while waiting. when she didn't show up at the group home, a red flag was raised. >> they didn't have no choice but to put me on it, but she never told me it was a missing persons report. >> reporter: abscondance as in she was nowhere to be found. we're still waiting for comment from the social worker. for now she's safe in her new home. >> this is your place for the re
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>> yeah. >> you're okay now? >> yeah. >> reporter: she's asking runaway girls who may be watching tonight to let mpd know they're safe and put minds at ease. >> i think you should just turn yourself in. it's just going to get worse after. >> so it's still unclear who exactly called her in missing, but mpd says if a friend or family member can't find a loved one, police need to approach the situation with gravity and make sure that person is safe. dc police have spent the week trying to calm public fear after a new policy of publicizing missing young people set off a panic. more than 500 children and teens have gone missing in dc in 2017 but police say that's a smaller amount than in years passed. the new commander of the department's youth services division asked for every case considered critical to be shared on twitter. the site of those faces of the lost children has shocked some in the community. it's been our top s
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few days. dc police assure the public there's not an uptick in missing cases, just a greater push on social media to bring them home. wusa 9 is committed to getting help for missing people as part of our bring them home initiative. you can find pictures of missing children on our wusa 9 twitter and facebook pages as well as our mobile app. barricade situation that shut down the busy las vegas strip is over tonight but not before one man was shot dead. the suspect reportedly surrendered to police after a nearly three-hour standoff inside a double-decker bus. police say the situation began with a shooting that left one person dead and another injured. they say the alleged gunman is a man in his 50s who barricaded himself inside the bus that was parked in front of the cosmopolitan hotel and casino. >> when we came out there were at least six officers with their weapons drawn including an assault rifle and others had handguns drawn. they were yelling
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seen anything. we had no idea. they said okay, everyone needs to evacuate. >> we were on the side over here and we heard the echo gunshots, two, a couple minutes later, three more. >> police say they don't believe there are any other suspects out there. that standoff comes after a brazen armed robbery this morning on a las vegas strip. police say three men wearing animal masks robbed the rolex store inside the bellagio hotel and casino. no one was hurt. police say they don't believe those two crimes are connected. the vice president vows that the trump administration will quickly move past yesterday's setback in congress. the house failed to vote on a bill that would replace obamacare and mike pence told small business leaders today in charleston, west virginia, the fight is not over. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status quo in washington, d.c. and it was a victory for the
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i promise you that victory won't last very long. >> president trump also spoke out on twitter today. he wrote, obamacare will explode and we'll all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for the people. do not worry. so what happens next? today hundreds of president trump's supporters were in dc rallying in support of the president and evan asked them for their take. >> reporter: in a crowd full of president trump supporters, lou from north carolina had strong words about the failed bill. >> they don't give him a chance. >> reporter: he's one of about 40 or 50 who gathered for a pro trump rally on the way to the white house. he says there's blame on both sides for being pulled. >> i'd like to see the whole situation that the democrats and the republicans both come together, together we stand. >> reporter: marches like
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but even between republicans at this one rally, opinions were split around that bill. >> i think it was just a bad bill. >> reporter: take michael sweeney. he thought the bill didn't go far enough. he wanted a full repeal. >> i didn't like the initial plan. it wasn't that great. i think it was just thrown out there. >> reporter: but others thought just the opposite. didi from boston thought a more moderate approach may be the answer. >> i'm definitely opposed to obamacare. it's hurt me personally. i also know that it's helped people as well and i do have friends that it's helped. so i think we need to come together, find somewhere in the middle, and i don't think yesterday's bill did that. >> that back and forth you just heard perfectly resembles the debate going on in congress. this is the list of republican congressmen who said they're going to vote against the bill. all in all, it's 33 of them. of those 33, 15 of them are from the republican freedom caucus. they say this is not far enough. they want a
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obamacare. meanwhile we've got 10 of them that are from the moderate wing of the republican party and they're worried about this bill because of the millions of people that would lose health insurance. so there's a back and forth here and that means bringing them together is definitely going to be a difficult process. reporting in the studio, wusa 9. a fictional character known as one of the comic world's most infamous villains is seen walking down the streets of winchester, virginia. this man who dressed up as the joker has been arrested. police received calls yesterday of a suspicious male walking with a black cape and carrying a sword. 31-year-old jeremy putman is charged with wearing a mask in public and that's a felony that could land him in jail for up to five years. the disappearance of the lyons sisters shook the entire washington area 42 years ago today. then 10-year-old sheila lyon and her 12-year-old sister catherine
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mall and didn't return home. in 2015 there was a new development in the decades-long mystery when authorities arrested lloyd welch, jr. in bedford county. he's been charged with murdering the two girls and he's currently awaiting trial in september. authorities say welch kidnapped the girls and took them to bedford county to sexually assault them. if convicted, welch could face 20 years in prison or the death penalty. prince george's county police tonight are investigating a murder that took place in laurel, maryland in an apartment complex. officers were called to the complex just after 5:00 this morning on edinburgh lane for a report of a shooting. there they found the victim slumped inside a car in the parking lot. he was pronounced dead at the scene. and tonight police are still searching for a suspect and a motive in the case. several landmarks in the district went dark tonight in support of earth hour. this international event raises awareness about climate change and responsible use
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earth's limited resources. mgm casino turned off some of the lights that wrap around the building at national harbor and the national cathedral also participated. switching gears, it was a gorgeous day. you know that already. but if you stepped out recently, you'll notice it's a little bit cooler, huh, howard? >> especially east of town. we've got cooler air moving in. all courtesy of a front that's coming in from the northeast. that front is just about on top of baltimore now, pushing over toward areas on the eastern shore. we're still on the warm sector now but things are going to change big time by morning. philly, atlantic city, ocean city, williamsport, new york, all in the 40s right now. we're still holding on to the mid, even upper 60s locally. overnight the futurecast shows that cooler air moving in. in fact by morning we could be talking upper 40s to low 50s with plenty of clouds around. a spotty shower. patchy drizzle. temps tomorrow afternoon will be 20 to 25 degrees cooler than today. so jacket weather tomorrow, low
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spotty showers with a better chance for a few showers as we head in to sunday night and then in to monday morning but at least by then i expect by the afternoon on monday we'll be back above 70. we'll talk about some warmth returning early next week but it also looks a little bit unsettled. see you in a few minutes. a high school wrestler scores his biggest victory off the map. coming up, how one texas senior's personal journey changed the game for some transgender athletes. >> turns out mom doesn't always know best. hear from the boy who helped save his mom's life.
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a high school wrestler is getting closer to his dream. we recently told you about mac, the 17-year-old who identifies as a boy but was born as a girl. the transgender athlete from texas has been winning his matches but was only allowed to wrestle girls since he was born one. some say it's giving him an unfair
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their first transgender policy that will allow him to wrestle against male competitors. children, they're taught to obey their parents to do what they say no matter what. it's a good thing one boy from washington state was also taught to think for himself. as eric wilkinson reports, mother doesn't always know best. >> reporter: with newborn baby brother dylan around, camden smith knows to help out around the house. he's a caring kid willing to do anything when it comes to his mom. >> as i walked around the house -- oh, he's going to get the bottle for me. >> reporter: when camden came home from school earlier this month and his mom was having pains in his chest and trouble breathing, he knew he had to do something. >> i told her she needed to go to the hospital but she kept saying she just wanted to stay here. >> reporter: kimberley thought she'd be okay if she put the baby down and took a nap but
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the old saying "mother knows best" did not apply here and he convinced her to get to a doctor. >> i kept saying we need to go. i got my shoes and coat on and told her we needed to go. >> reporter: this is what doctors found, both lungs full of blood clots, pulmonary embolisms. kimberley was hospitalized for 7 days. doctors said it was a good thing she had listened to her son. >> if i had taken a nap, there's a good chance the outcome would have been a whole other story. a bad one. >> reporter: why did camden know to push back so hard against his mother's wishes? >> i'm so proud of you. >> reporter: he said he isn't really sure but the answer is obvious through his tears. he just loves her so much. >> he's definitely my hero. definitely my hero. >> wow. camden says he was taught to spot the signs of an embolism in his physical education class. he was rewarded for his quick
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for dinner. at howard university today local families were getting ready for summer by taking a water safety lesson. the sorority and usa swim partnered for a second year in a row to bring swimming lessons and water safety to communities where not everyone knows how to stay afloat. >> we really want to make sure that all children know water safety. and as we know, african americans and other minority families, they disproportionately drown. so we just really wanted to come out and say, listen, this is important. we need you to know how to swim. >> when you listen to statistics about commutes that 70% of african americans don't know how to swim and 60% of hispanics don't know how to swim, we wanted to bring the community in and basically teach them basic water safety skills and make it a fun activity day today. >> t
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olympic medalist in the 2004 u.s. olympic team. she knows. today the first day that cherry blossoms on those yoshino trees reached peak bloom. this after weeks of worry that they may never bloom due to freezing temperatures. the national park service says the next four to seven days are primetime to see the blossoms. other trees are expected to peak in the coming weeks. there's still plenty of time to make your way to the tidal basin. >> the quansan variety. they should be out in a couple weeks. >> so we have a long extended bloom season here. >> a lot of things bloom at different times. the early blossoms got damaged by the early warmth followed by the cold. so not a good combination. >> i went down there today, it was not as full as it was last year, i remember, but hey, they're so beautiful. >> lost about 50% of the blossoms due
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that's why. >> different pictures. but you have to stand in the right place. >> it's all good. weather-wise, sure felt great today to be outside. our 3-degree guarantee temperature. forecast a high of 76. we exceeded that. some spots got to 80. at reagan national, 78. >> good job, howard. >> i'm forecasting 63 for tomorrow but that's really going to be a midnight high because temperatures continue to drop all night and stay in the 50s tomorrow afternoon. but today, look at that. manassas got to 80. baltimore got to 80. baltimore could be 25 to 30 degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon. 80 in fredericksburg. everybody was really warm today when you consider the average highs from the upper 50s to near 60 now. most cold fronts come in from the west, bringing some drier air, clear us out. we've got a backdoor cold front. that's why we're not going to be dry. we're not going to be clear. we're getting winds from the east and northeast coming in off the atlantic. that's a maritime air mass. cloudy, cold, drizzly, maybe
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nearly as nice. you see the cooler air already moving in. 40s along the coast. 50s on the eastern shore. baltimore is down to 56. the front has passed andrews. their winds are kicking up out of the east. 65 in dc. 70 in culpeper and leesburg but the bottom is going to drop out. right now, 65. still a south wind. that will switch to the east. boom, temperatures are going to drop. you can see tomorrow, 58 here. only 49 in philly. mid 40s in new york with the cooler air sinking in from the northeast out west. you see the showers here in western tennessee. i expect some of that moisture here tomorrow night in to monday morning but not enough yet for a yellow weather alert. we'll watch the activity really tomorrow, clouds more than anything with spotty drizzle, just some sprinkles. not nearly as nice a day as what we had today. then here comes some of the shower activity. seeing out west for tomorrow night. better chances out west. we'll see another chance, better chance for a few showers or even a stormn
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weather alert day. 48 to 54 by morning. spotty showers and patchy drizzle. we won't see much improvement tomorrow. 50 to 55 early. in the afternoon we're staying in the 50s with an isolated shower. wednesday may be the next best day to go see once we get past tuesday's showers and storms. wednesday may be the next best day to see what's going on with the cherry blossoms then by friday another kind of dreary day. some of the showers could last to saturday morning. >> i still like there's no 30s in there. >> oh, yeah. we're long past that. >> thank you. how's it going there, sflank -- frank? >> wizards kick off a long road trip at the defending champion cleveland cavaliers. we've got a budding rivalry going.
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you know what, i think we're starting to see a renewed rivalry with the washington wizards and cleveland cavaliers. could face off in the playoffs. for now, regular season game in cleveland tonight. remember the last time, overtime
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no need for extra basketball tonight. john wall with the men's. 16 off the bench. later in the quarter wall would drive lane dishes. 14 for keith. monster game for john wall. led all scorers with 37 points. wizards start the road trip with an impressive 127-115 win at cleveland. last game at verizon before an extended roady. alexander ovechkin continues to score 30 or more goal for the 12th straight season. congrats to the great eight. tied in the 3rd, caps hit the switch. gives the caps the lead. 30 seconds later caps add to the lead. caps go on to win 4-1. franchise record 31st win at home. maryland women want a collision course to face number one uconn. we thought terps didn't want
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sweet 16 in bridgeport. brianna jones hoping this would not be her last game. back and forth game, jones with the raeb and the put-back. terps -- with the rebound and the put-back. terps were up 1. that would be theas lt time they led. the lay-in. maryland trails by 5, under 4:00 to go in regulation. kimbrough with the steal and the basket. terps are down 6. but they would not get any closer. under 3 minutes to go. jumper to go. the ducks upsetting maryland 77-63. so the ducks move on and the terps' season just like that comes to an end. elite eight on the men's side continues tomorrow here on wusa 9, south carolina versus florida at 2:20. followed by kentucky and north carolina. winners move on to the final four. you need to get your football fix in in april? fear not. there's arena football coming next month with the
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valor versus the baltimore brigade. it was media day today for the valor who hope to get a nice following at verizon center this summer. >> the goal is we're going to be the model. coming in to this, washington, d.c., sports entertainment, the goal is for us to be the new model, new direction of the arena football league and we're doing that. from day one we've created an environment. not just for dmv but as we grow this league, for teams coming in, it's going to hopefully mirror our image. >> we shall see. terps across, looking to bounce back after losing two straight. maryland's offense came to play today. less than two minutes in, tim muller scores on the team's first shot later in the quarter. maryland now pouring it on. bernhart would score. maryland is in complete control. rambo scores his 17th goal of .te season adylrea rps trounce the tar heels 15-7. speaking of
11:27 pm
hosting lehigh today and a big one for dave little. little gets the middies on the board. giving them the 1-0 lead. this would be the first of many on this day. in the 3rd, up 3. little scores his ninth goal of the game. navy single game goal scoring record, 14-9 win over the midshipmen. in the zone was little. congrats to him. >> ovechtrick. >> i knew you'd find a way to bring happy back in. i'm just happy about my wizards. >> they're looking great. fantastic win tonight. when we come back, we'll take a look at tomorrow's weather.
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can we just put away those big
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>> the heavy ones, but you'll need a coat tomorrow or a heavy sweatshirt or hoodie or something. we're going to be in the 50s with spotty showers or drizzle. back above 70 monday and tuesday. tuesday i'm thinking could be yellow weather alert day then real nice by wednesday but not so nice on friday. >> wednesday looks like the day. we'll enjoy wednesday. >> wednesday is the day. >> excellent. you can get updates any time on our wusa 9 app. tune in tomorrow morning for wusa 9 news at 7:00. have a great evening.
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